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This is another of the flowers from my show and poems for her.

We know our service men and women are doing two and three tours of duty and in some cases they have been four time’s this is the story of one mans service to his country.

I just pulled up in this loud Humvee.
This place has been bombed out.
It seems all the locals are no where in sight, it look’s like they took off running they must of heard us coming.
I circle all the hot spots with my partner by my side.
All eyes are searching everywhere incase there’s sniper fire.
Out of no where comes a shot its misses everyone.
I tell my partner look out Charley I think he’s in that house.
We swing the Humvee over to the area that the shot came from.
We shoot a canon in the house we’re sure it kills everyone.
We hear it coming on the speakers that everyone is dead… its safe to travel farther on today.
This night is young we just got started and the heats making me nervous.
I got a partner its his first time out and he’s looking mighty scared.
I been out here a thousand times and each time its like the first.
But this time my hearts in my mouth I am really nervous.
I don’t know what it is thats got me on the edge.
Maybe its this new partner thats afraid of everything.
He’s so damn nervous sitting next to me I can feel his knees shaking, as I try to calm him down as we ride on.
He’s here because he’s poor and needed a bed to sleep.
He joined this mans army for some food to eat, and see the whole wide world.
He never thought he end up here, when he signed up they said don’t worry.
You wont be going to that war the battles almost over.
So now he’s next to me pissing in his pants.
But night is just an hour away and then the shit will start, they come out killing us after dark.
I need to make it through this night I need to make a call, I guess thats why I feel so uptight tonight.
Tomorrows my baby’s birthday and my last day in this hell.
She was born one week before I left to do my fourth tour of duty.
I haven’t seen her tiny face in almost a year as I grind another day out in this killing place.
I thought my commander said I only had to make it through 2 tour’s and that was it for me.
Well this one is the fourth tour for me.
Eight more hours and I’ll be State side with my wife and baby girl if I can make it through this night and not get killed.
This night is just crawling along I hear snipers far away, must be bravo up in the hill getting killed today.
I was up there just last week and half my company went down from friendly fire!
We tried to signal them that they were killing us down on the ground, but no one heard a damn thing at central command.
Rockets were blasting us from all directions as we tried to hide for cover.
I looked above and thought I saw an angel but it was one of us that turned out to be the devil.
He took us down in less time it took to get us here I never knew what the hell he was doing way up there.
I guess he’s under so much stress trying to stay alive, dodging rockets as he’s flying high above us in the air.
But God damn someone missed the call as we fell down to the ground.
As we looked for help on the radio they said its on the way.
Then we realized that was our help way up there he’s dropping bombs down on us.
He’s shooting down on us like where the enemy!
And half the company was dead down there that day.
I stayed in this here Humvee right behind a rock.
They blew that rock to piece’s but didn’t get my truck and when the coast was clear I looked for everyone.
And big bird up in the sky killed half of us.
I’am nervous as I ride this lousy truck with this nervous partner.
But I don’t think about friendly fire coming back again because lighting never strikes twice.
But what I think is gonna happen before I get my leave tomorrow, someone’s gonna kill me on my last tour of duty.
I think about dying every day that I stand up. But that nervousness turns to energy to help me through this shit.
My knees were shaking like this kids on my first tour of duty and tonight I think their gonna shake too.
I just need 8 hours and this is it for me.
I can smell the home made cooking that my mommas gonna make.
I can see them collards on the stove and that fried chicken on the table.
I can see me in the bed kissing on my wife and making love to her all night.
And playing little silly games with my baby girl.
If I can only make through 8 more hours of this shit.
I’ve done 4 tours and this last day is the worst for me and if I make it back home I swear thats it for me.
I’am tired of killing people and finding dead children under rocks.
When the hell is this shit gonna stop.
We’re pulling up to a rubble in the middle of the block all arms are at the ready as this Humvee makes a stop.
We scan the building with our guns and AK47s and hope to God we don’t find anyone.
Its Charley my partner he’s up and out the truck.
Where the hell is he going that kid is bad luck.
He running for cover as someone fires on the truck.
An out from my blind side I hear someone speak to me but all I hear them say is run baby!
Get the hell out baby and run!
But I don’t see no body there it’s only me in this truck, but they are still saying run.
I slam the door open and hit the ground on my belly I’ll be damn if I stand up and run and be a sitting duck.
I am on my knees and on my belly crawling on the ground and then my truck explodes into a fire bomb.
I look all around and not a soul to be seen!
No one is in the building not a soul alive.
I look for Charley everywhere he’s crying in a corner.
I asked him if he tried to warn me and he shook his head no.
I guess it was that man from up above who said to move my ass.
And then I look up in the sky and God damn I can’t believe… it’s big bird dropping bombs on everyone!
It looks like friendly fire once again!
The sunrise is on the hill this hell is almost ended.
Just one more hour of this evil place and no more killing children.
My knees are really shaking as I think I’ll be home soon and Charley’s looking at my knees and laughing.
We made it through that last night and I made my phone call home.
My wife is on the telephone crying up a storm.
She tells me that she had a dream that we were in a fight.
Bombs were flying everywhere an then she woke up screaming.
But one thing that she remembered about that ugly dream was telling me to run…. get out the truck and run.
It looks to me that there is a God he heard my pleas last night and sent a message to me from my wife.

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