A poem for Barbara Zuzevich image "Never Alone"

I write poetry for my friends and this is another one of the lovely Images that inspired me to write a poem.
I love images with emotion as you see this is one “Never Alone” by my friend Barbara Zuzevich is full of wonder and imagination. She’s quite an artist.
Check out her lovely photography here:!"http://www.redbubble.com/people/babcia

Yellow Sky
Winter was two months away
but a strangeness drenched the valley.
A sudden chill filled the air one that left you lifeless.
Old folks knew of this chill it left many dead.
They said he came to seek revenge our valley was too happy.
The field’s once green turned brown with sorrow.
Skies once blue turned pale yellow as the sun tried in vain to shine.
Clouds of birds in flight screaming as they left.
Children crying as they flee in tears.
This was the day you were born.
Most children died on this sad day.
But you survived.
Born with hair on fire and skin golden like the sky.
They said you were a gift from a higher place.
Your eyes the lightest blue they seemed to be the sky.
You lie there close to me your eyes on fire.
The sun lie deep behind the yellow sky.
Its struggle to be free watched by all.
The sadness in the town matched by the sadness in the sky.
Months passed by the sky remained bleak with sorrow.
You grew strong as the months passed on.
Finally the sun won out, and the skies returned to blue.
The chill left our valley the grass returned green once again.
The skies filled with the sound of singing birds.
I watched you nurse until you had enough.
then you turned your head and died.

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