"One Kiss" A reply to Ming Myaskovsky poem " You are all I have"

I love a poem as you all know so I wrote a response to Mings poem.
Mings poem is quite lovely take a look at her writing you will be surprised at the quality in this ladys verse and her art .
Please take a look at her wonderful work here.!Mings super work

“You are all I Have” By Ming Myaskovsky
Every moment that goes by
I want you in my arms
You warmed my heart and devoured my soul with your charms
My body trembling with every breath
I await your approach
Embracing me in your ecstasy
I feel feverish rapture at midnight drain
Offer me an inviting hand I embrace you passionately
Even the darkest moments I feel like heavens come alive
My cares take to flight
My heart starts to soar
When I hear you whisper the words “I need you” and I know it’s true
For I need you too my love
Give me your fatal kiss
And let me be with you
In the immortal coil of love……….. forever

“One Kiss” By David Roman
We’ve joined souls my love just you an I as the world fly’s by.
One moments kiss is all I need to struggle through the night.
Your needs are strong I feel the fire deep inside of you.
And as we twist and turn inside your body’s mine tonight.
My hands cups your flesh my sweet an feel the warm moisture seeping from your churning ever burning love.
My souls on fire for you.
For you will feed my thirst tonight.
One kiss my love is all it takes to set the flame ablaze.
Your ever present eyes look deep within my soul as you an I take to flight.
Your eyes say as much as your sweet kiss as our tongues collide.
A fire burns within their core in tune to all your needs as you devour me.
We soar together you and I as one with needs so strong that only demon’s can create.
I feel your fire as you feel mine a flame too strong to die.
I kiss your needs with my desire and you so deep with lust lay open to my every trust as we ride this wave.
And as my hands caress your needs I feel my flames desire soar.
One Kiss more my love your breath so sweet I suck in all your soul.
And soar with you to the sun its flame no match for us.
You my ever other half my soul for all my life.
We travel in this universe as one on fire tonight.
I feel you wrapped around me my love your needs too strong to hide.
And as you ride with me my love one kiss more before you die
to rise again as the sun sets slowly in the sea.

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