A poem "Sweet Dreams" for MiMis painting.

MiMi one of the most talented Bubblers with her lovely and moving paintings of her self or of other images that she has created with her creative mind.
MiMI unlike a lot of us is a very creative soul with work that go’s from abstract to photography.
Her work will leave you thinking and dreaming in away that you will always remember and once you see MiMi’s work you know it when you see it.
So heres a poem for MiMi one of my friends here on RB.
Check out her lovely and creative works here:!"mimiyoon ":http://www.redbubble.com/people/mimiyoon!

“Sweet Dreams”
Sweet dreams my love of pretty things wrapped around your neck.
Of all the little special things you have always wanted.
Dream on my love deep into the night.
As I lie here next to you and count how blessed I am.
I look at you so deep into a world I wish that I could join.
But while you sleep I thank the lord you lie here next to me.
Sweet dreams my love your life is here in this world with me.
I know that all your lovely dreams will bring you back to me.
I hear you laugh in your dream I watch your little smile.
I hope that all your dreaming of is with me by your side.
But dreams are special little things made just for you.
So dream on my love for you deserve all that you dream of.
I’ll lie here quiet next to you and count the minutes till you wake.
An when you come back to my world I’ll hold you in my arms.
And dream that you an I can be like this…
forever more.

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