A poem for Rose Moxon image

Words can not really describe the image completely its so moving.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I have and enjoy my feeble attempt to share my thoughts on this image.
Very nice Rose and very loving !
Check out her lovely and creative works here:!"Rose ":http://www.redbubble.com/people/rosemoxon!

“My Love will stay”

I think of you my love oh so far away.
I read your letters that come each day and cry at what they say.
It’s been a year since you were here and I lie in your arms.
And now its dark and I am alone your letters keep me warm.
I need the comfort of your words to help me through the night.
For without one small ray of hope I would surely die.
I see from all your lovely words you love me more each day.
And I for you have gone unchanged my love is ever true.
I miss you so my heart is broke it cry’s a long hard cry.
I know your thoughts are with me, each and every night.
But words of comfort often fail when needs are on the edge.
I miss you love my words can’t say the hurt I feel inside.
But soon I know you’ll come back home and lie down by my side.
I’ll think of you each day your gone and wait for each new post.
And read your words of love to me to comfort my lonely heart.

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