A new poem "The Key" for Jenni77

Hello Friends,
Here we go again but what can I say so many artist out there who inspire me that I just have to show them off!
She’s new to me but always has wonderful work.
She’s hit me on the head again with her wonderful flower as you can see its a dream !
Please take a look at her wonderful work here.!jenni77 work!

“The Key”
I saw you come into my heart the moment you walked in.
You came into my door that day an took my breath away.
How could it be that you chose me as I sat alone.
While I wondered if this life of sadness would last for ever more.
How long I sat and wondered if my love was lost.
And if I would feel that spark of love ever again.
So many days and months passed by as I asked myself.
Was this all that life had for me as the clock ticked on.
I looked for you for so long I finally said enough.
I’d pay the price for all my sins and now I sit alone.
I did the things I shouldn’t of and told you many lies.
And each time that I told you lies a part of me died.
The clock ticks on each day as if it were my guard.
An here I sit with out a heart as if you took it out.
I sinned!
I know I’ll pay the price and sit and count the time.
An listen to my only friend the clock as he counts time.
I’ve finally come to understand its me that pays the price for lies.
Not you the one who wisely fled to save your life from me.
And now I sit and count the days will I love again?
And here you come the warden with the key to set me free.
An I a broken animal to weak to wander out.
Can I take a chance an offer you my love?
Or will I be a victim once again of the sins of man.
My friend sits there reminding me of the price I’ll pay.

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