A poem "How did you think of That" for ajax's photograph

Hello Friends heres another one of my poems for a lovely Photograph from ajax she’s one of my favorites here on RB with her lovely Photos
She really has a way with recreating the things we remember!
Check out her lovely flowers and other works here:!ajax

“How did you think of that”

I feel you there my friend.
Your always in my heart.
Your there when I wake up each day.
And there when I retire.
Your always close and never far even when I am sad.
But most of all as you well know,your the strength
that gives me hope.
Your all around me every day in everything I see.
Your breath is comfort to my body as I sit and breath.
Your strength is in me as I look, at all that you create.
Like this firm hard ground beneath my feet that comforts me each day.
The little things that we all forget you made them all for us.
A robin in the tree that sings his little song.
And a tiny little bug thats walking on that leaf.
I see that spider in its web as it slowly stalk’s it prey.
You even taught him how to weave so he would have a home.
The forest full of little things they each have their special home.
And some you even gave a home that they carry on their back.
Tell me friend how did you think of that?
Your love for all is so full of wonder isn’t that so rare.
And here I am another wonder that came out of the sea.
I swam up to the surface and crawled onto the ground.
And then over a million years look at what I am.
You made me as you are my friend wasn’t that a gift.
But I ask you this…
How in the world did you think of that?
Your all to me as I wake each day an face a world you made.
And as I look up at these clouds and wonder at their beauty.
I lie here in the grass so tall and think of all you made.
And ask myself these words each day…..
How did you think of that?

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