New Poem "Should I" for Mindys photograph!!

Hello Friends heres another one of my poems for a lovely Photograph from Mindy shes one of my favorites here on RB with her lovely fotos of her children and her photos of places we see only in the movies and times past!
She really has a way with recreating the things we remember!
Check out her lovely painting and other works here:!Mindy

Should I?

What lurks down this road for me its new and slightly traveled.
I wonder who has found new life as they went this way.
I wonder if its a new day or just the same old story.
Or is this path a brighter way to a new tomorrow.
I wonder as I look at this can it offer more?
Or will it be the same old thing filled with pain an sorrow.
I wonder if its given love to its nervous travelers?
Or simply took them down a path to something worse than this.
I wonder what’s down that road I know this one so well.
Should I make a go of it or turn and walk away.
My fears are great I know them well they give me nervous comfort.
But they are like a crippling mind that keeps me bound to nowhere.
I know them well as I look at this bright new future.
An ask myself this once again will this have the answers.
And then I think that its so clear I feel it in my soul.
That if I never take the chance and journey down this road…
I will never know.

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