Another Poem "Here we Are" for Romos Painting!!

Hello Guys,
As you know I have been in a writing mood an not posting my own flowers and sorry but I guess when a need is there you better just jump!
So heres another poem of mine for my friend Romos painting!
It fits well with my childhood and my feelings about how I want the world to be.
Hope you like it too!
Romo seems to hit all the cords with her touching paintings!
Check out her lovely painting and other works here:!Romo

“Here we are”

I’ll take you to my favorite place where we can kiss all day.
And lie back in the earth so cool and watch the clouds fly by.
And smell the grass thats just been cut by farmers in the near.
And then we kiss and kiss some more and listen to the bees.
You roll up on my chest and give me such a hug, and then you look deep in my eyes an tell me this is love.
I hold you there in my arms and feel my heart beat faster.
And then we kiss and kiss some more oh God this must be heaven!
And then you roll away and hold my hand so tight as we look up in the sky as the clouds roll by.
I smell the grass and hear the bees as they go to work.
But most of all I feel the love that you have for me.
And then I take a moments pause and thank the man above.
I think this moments heaven sent… you and me and God.

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