New Poem " Winds" for Agnes McGuinness's Photo

I was up late last night posting a poem for my flowers and Agnes came on an said she really liked it.
Well who was Agnes I wondered so I took a look at her work and saw this photo and the pome that follows this was the result of seeing her photo.
Thank you Agnes for your lovely photo.
It took me on a ride so sweet.

The wind has lifted me over fields so calm and green.
I see me floating up high above the planes with you right beside me in bed.
I think of you my darling asleep beside my body and as I drift to distant lands its you I am thinking of.
I wish that I could bring you too your comfort gives me hope.
But I know that when this dream is done you will be here next to me.
My dream the wind has shown me places only dreams can take you to.
And as I start to settle in its you I am thinking of.
I ride this mighty wind up high as if it were a horse, and look down at the green green earth and see you sleeping there.
It’s you my love that I can see up high in the clouds and you who brings me back to earth as you start to stir.
I only wish that you can come and share this joy with me.
But in my heart I know one day you will have a ride with me.

Check it out here:!Agnes

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