Over the river by Richard G Witham

Over the river

Young seeds on a branch / Soaring over the river / Subject to the wind


Soft, smothering waves / Gently lap against the shore / Dragging it away

Golden sea

I ask me why I left the golden sea / Let human voices drown its roaring waves / Exchanged delightful little bubbles / Swirling round my an…

I need a new word

The word I want’s a golden poppy / Not some rusted out jalopy


Tiny ghosts dancing / In kerfuffled harmony / Stirred by shafts of light

Piercing shadows

ineffable light / Drawn to being of quiet / imperturbation

All cozy in our bed

Roaring passions settled down / To warm and glowing embers


Yes, there’s something still alive / Here at number forty five

Oh Thursday

Could I have suffered such infernal luck / As losing precious days amongst my dreams?

Tasting snowflakes

Faded snapshots in paper frames / Sealed in plastic wrappers / To retain forever in my grasp / Delicious moments I can savor / Sweet drops…

Angels in the crowd

Cheerful waters flow / Cascading down their own path / Sprinkling drops of joy

Haiku No. 37

purple streams boiling, / throbbing achingly to loose / trapped within a stone

Sleeping beauty

A new sun blossoms / The universe basked with light / Streaming from her eyes

I’m ready

Oh baby don’t blush / Cast away that old green dress / Show me your colors


orange singed mountains / wishes winking from heaven / Candles in windows


A wave breaks / Just out of sight / Crashing back against its maternal flow

Perennial misgiving

Flying through blue mist / Propelled by knowledge and fears / I missed the journey


Dark billowing clouds / Gathered menace hovering / to Paint the sunset

Wise lessons for a thirsty child

Struggling to the ridge / I find a lazy dragon / Devouring rivers


Light and shadows pause / At the edge of everything / Evening kisses dawn


me myself and i / contemplating opposites / nurturing the flow


Down pours liquid life / Casting contrast at my feet / I choose warm and dry

These walls are strong

Walls thick as mountains / Stones I’ve laid and fixed with mud / Vanquished by the light

Copulating clouds

Perfervid release / Aftermath a blushing glow / Tremulous conceit

The old man trembles

huge Cumulus loose / Smashing walls to surging streets / children Dance with Joy

Thinking Forward

Sifted bands of light / Splashing joy on purple walls / Shall I take them home?

Towards evening

Towering twilight clouds / Painted by the setting sun / Drift on winds of change

In moments of silence

Mourning doves cooing / Tempt me to draw the curtains / And then fly away


Quiet sun baked mornings / Somber wisps of spinning dust / Sweep the streets and leave


Stepping through shadows / Moonlight dancing in the past / Quenching embers draw

Dressing for dinner

Dressing for dinner / She threw on a blue silk dress / Smothering Moonlight

Coming down from the Blues

I’m comin’ down from the blues / Putin’ on my hat / Lacin’ up my shoes

Musing by candlelight

Tiny wisp of light / Bending, dancing, glowing bright / Playing with a sigh

Someday Morning

Drifts of morning rays / Dust the moonlight from my eyes / Awake man new Born

Morning rouse

Morning comes in cold / Peeking from a warm, soft womb / Pastel lights beckon

What are shadows but a lack of light?

Shadows creeping in / Slide before the blushing light / Lapping at my toes

Crystal tears

Collaborative work with Rosa Cobos.

Seasons III

gold grass bend to winds / waters flow from broken stone / shadows dance with joy

Summer tide

the faithful hummingbird / retracing the same paths / Encounters fresh blossoms

At the crest where the road winds downward

Memories emerge / Sunlight draws shadows / Branches bow to tireless winds

Years and years

A Comforting sigh / Reaches across the table / I look away

Instructions for a joyful life

place heal roll forward / launch from ball of foot and toes / repeat with left foot

Merlot shadow

tussled old hippie / bald and chubby in zen robes / retrieving my wine

Stage III

a young girls laughter / reminds me of my daughters / off now on their own


Soft wind strikes my face / brown leaves drift through my shadow / I praise the morning


turning from the light / torrent of shadows / dancing on my bedroom wall


reaching through mist / I emerge from the darkness / to a distant light


Distance / In his eye / Perhaps I saw a twinkle / A subtle movement of wrinkles / From a weary smile / Or a reminiscent / Sigh

Sex in the Shower

Cool mist burst into flame / Bouncing off glistening walls / Slithering, stinging, venturing

La Sombra

Se escapa el niño, hacia el rincón de las palomas.

Tower of Shadows

Red river burning / Bubbling / Boiling / Bursting through my veins

Shafts of light

David stood under the shower and looked into the cool spray.

Wednesday’s Song

Thursday mourning Wednesday’s Song

The Journey

I am the firm bolder / Upon which fertile earth / Has gathered / And into which / Creep the roots / Of a mighty pine

Charcoal blues

Ma`am, we’re out of tune / Smothering in friendly funk / Jazz that’s gone to blues


Drifting into sleep …


Snuggled into blushing clouds …


There’s nothing here now / But a few stray hairs clinging / To her pillowcase


Now I understand / The writing on the wall and / Soft words in my ear / The quickest way to heaven / Is to be in heaven now

On waking

A cotton candy sunrise …


Loosened tumbleweeds / Amble freely on the winds / Mad trajectory

Passion Nest

Then my body disappeared / To reveal an inner me / As shards of broken passions / And the crinkled memories / Of splintered propositions
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