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More Babies!!!!

Our family is spending the school holidays on our Inglewood property in Central Victoria and when we arrived we were blown away to find another 5 baby boer goats to add to the 5 we had 3 weeks ago! A total of 10 new arrivals in one season. They breed like bloody rabbits! I have now put Billy, the big daddy goat up for sale as after much research there is no way to desex him ( we are all sad about it but really have no choice). We will find homes for some of these new little guys around Christmas time. As they are a meat goat ( much to my horror! LOL !) I am trying to find people who just want them as pets as they are a larger goat but very docile and friendly and great lawn mowers. Many pics will follow in around ten days but here are all the names in order of appearance and there mums so all of you who inquire will know whats going on!


WILLOW (girl)
OLLIE (girl)


RUBY (girl)
DORIS (girl)


DAISY (girl)
AKER (boy) – My Dad named this little guy after his favorite AFL player AKERMANIS who plays for the Western Bulldogs!!!!!


Darcy (boy)
Bella (girl)


Danny (boy)

Now I just have to remember all of that! Many thanks again to everyone who has asked about them and I will keep you all updated !

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