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Howdy! Im a self taught photographer who enjoys taking images of many subjects, especially flaura and fauna. Hope you enjoy my...

An amazing Saturday afternoon in the country.

“It’s not breathing!”, was the cry from my brother in law as we watched the kid born minutes before lying on the ground near its exhausted mother. “Do something, your the vet nurse”, he yelled. Never in my wildest inner city vet nursing experience (roughly 18 years) had I thought I would be assisting in the birth of a goat but as we had aquired the mum(Matilda) and the dad(Billy(NATURALLY!)) when we bought our 40 acres in Inglewood, country Victoria, I had no choice! Jumping the fence I grabbed the newborn, cleared its face and blew, rubbing her chest roughly as I did. After a couple of minutes I was joined by my brother in law as my partner Dave kept our two children watching from a distance just in case the worst happened. Slowly the kid begain to breathe on its own much to our relief, so we all gathered around and watched mum clean her and help her struggle to her feet. Just when we thought it was over mum turned around and there was another little face appearing and this little one got stuck. While our children( a 10yr old boy and a 6yr old girl) watched in awe,Dave held mum’s head and comforted her, while my brother in law and I stayed at the business end. To cut a long story short after much pulling, poking, panic and talking to a local vet on our mobile a third kid was born, freeing up the second and to much joy and celebration, the triplets ( 2 girls and a boy ) arrived. As we were only expecting one it was a big surprise. After much debating we named them Rose, Jessica and Bruce! Unfortunately Bruce was a bit weaker than the two girls and mum abandoned him the following day. Luckily we were there to take over the role and now Bruce is spending time in our bathroom and yard in inner city Melbourne, being bottle fed.He sleeps through the night though, which I’m VERY happy about!Have included a few photos on here for you all to look at. An amazing Saturday indeed!

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