Astronomy Group Guideline Tweaks

I’ve just made a few tweaks to the guidelines of the Astronomy Group to try and clarify a few things.

While it’s great to see people joining up and adding works already, I suspect some people might be a little confused about what sort of works we’re looking for. The idea of the group is that it’s about Astronomy, the study and understanding of the night sky. It’s great to see some of the total fantasy works, even ones that make use of real astronomical images as stand-ins for fictional bodies, but I think they’re better off in groups such as the Sci-Fi group

So far I’ve refrained from removing works that don’t really quite fit, instead I’ve dropped a line to the artist responsible for the works, suggesting that they might like to find something a little more appropriate, a little more factual. So, if you see “fantasy art” in here at the moment, assume it’ll be going some time soon, assume it’ll be replaced by something a little more factual — a little more astronomical.

Now that I think the guidelines are a little more explicit I’ll probably remove any future mistakes. Also, if you’ve got any input on this subject, please do feel free to post about it in the group forum

I apologise if the guidelines were in any way ambiguous, it stands to reason that no guideline is ever going to be spot on first time. Hopefully the tweaks I’ve made make it clear that the group aims to be about and aims to support interests in astronomy as a factual subject.

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