Things I dislike about RedBubble

First off, I should probably qualify “dislike”. What follows is a list of things about RedBubble that annoy me, think of it as a wishlist; perhaps the start of a wishlist; some ideas about a request of features or fixes and so on. I’m writing this more as a reminder to myself than anything else.

Mostly I like RedBubble. It’s a good enough site. I wouldn’t be using it if I didn’t find it usable — I just happen to think that if the following were dealt with it’d be more usable.

So, in no particular order, the things that I dislike about RedBubble are:

  • It’s impossible to keep track of comments you’ve made on people’s works. Likewise, it’s impossible to keep track of posts you’ve made to the forums.
  • The text formatting for comments is awful and easy to get wrong (because it tries to be easy to get right). It also appears that many features of the formatting system aren’t documented in an obvious way (as I type this the only help directly available is three lines below the edit box).
  • The lack of an edit facility after you’ve posted a comment drives me nuts.
  • The above is made even worse by the lack of a preview facility for comments.
  • The lack of a facility that lets me remove comments (either my own or someone else’s) is annoying.
  • I dislike how I can’t know if I’ve previously faved an image while I’m viewing it.
  • I dislike how I can’t know if I’m currently watching someone while viewing their profile.
  • I dislike how I can’t un-fave an image while I’m viewing it.
  • I dislike how I can’t un-watch someone while I’m viewing their profile.
  • I dislike how I can’t go into edit mode while viewing one of my own images.
  • I dislike how the upload process won’t make use of any IPTC data in an image. If I’ve gone to the trouble of typing up my title and my description once already, why do I have to do it all over again?
  • I dislike how groups are currently unusable in terms of keeping track of their limits. I like how some of the groups have a “5 images in total” limit and I really want to abide by it but I dislike how I’ve got to trawl through all my images (or through the group’s images) to figure out how many I’ve already got in there.
  • BubbleMail is handy, but far less handy than it could be because I can’t see an of the BubbleMails I’ve sent. (Thanks to Deborah for reminding me about that issue)

I do, however, like that it’s early days and that most of the above will probably be addressed in some way in the near future.

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