What's your RedBubble Year?

Note that I’ve also posted about this on the forums

A little earlier today I noticed that the total number of pages of art on RedBubble was about to hit the 6,000 mark. And then I got to thinking that most people probably look at the first 10 or so pages and perhaps the last couple of pages (just to see what’s right at the “bottom” at any given moment).

And then I got to thinking some more: somewhere around the middle there’s probably lots of stuff that most people don’t notice. So, how about picking a random page and bookmarking it (the content will change over time anyway). So how to pick one at “random”? Pick a year, perhaps?

So, long story short, the pick a year and find art tool page thing

Yeah, I know, it’s stupid…

So, what’s your RedBubble year? Did you find anything fun?

Edit: As of December 2007 this no longer works due to the fact that the “most popular ever” view is now restricted to just 30 pages. :-(

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