Messing with CoolIris

I’ve been meaning to have a play with CoolIris (previously known as PicLens) for a while now and this thread over in the forums prompted me to have a look (mostly because there was a link to the developer information — how could I resist?).

I had a quick read of the information and managed to quickly add the required feed to my Photography by Dave Pearson site (the one I created a short while back as a way of using my art list exporting tool). I installed the extension into my copy of Firefox and right away I had a funky 3D wall of my photography here in RedBubble.


I then did a little more reading and had a quick play with the “Lite” version of CoolIris. This is more or less a in-browser slideshow tool. That took a little more work (it didn’t want to auto-discover the feed so I had to tell it where to look using the feedUrl option) but, soon enough, I had that working too. So far I’ve tested it in Safari and Opera (on Windows) and it seems to work fine. To see it in action, in a browser that doesn’t have the CoolIris software installed, just click on the “Slideshow” option in the menu of my site.

While there’s no (obvious) way of making this work on RedBubble itself it might be worth looking into if you’ve got a site of your own and you’re able to create the required feed and add the right header to your (X)HTML. It’s yet another way of letting people discover and view your works.

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