PAX Hack

RedBubble’s newly-announced PAX is pretty cool. Well, no, that’s not true, it’s very cool. But it’s got a problem.

The problem is that, with over 16,000 works in the mosaic, you’ve got a hell of a time seeing if any of your works are in there. Now, sure, you could sit down and just wander around it, keeping an eye out for your own stuff and being amazed at some of the works that are in there, but that could take forever. Besides, you can never be sure that you’ve found all of them (or be sure that you’ve confirmed that you’ve got none in there).

And then I noticed that the full list of all the works in the mosaic was available “under the hood” (anyone with a reasonable knowledge of web development should be able to find that file). The file itself is just some Javascript code. So, I got to thinking, here’s a file that contains a list of image IDs of every work in the mosaic. I’ve got a list of all my works on RedBubble thanks to a tool I wrote a while back. If I just extract the two ID lists, take the intersection of those two lists, I’ll have a list of all of my works in PAX.

So, a quick bit of ruby hacking later and I had findPAXworks up and running.

And a few seconds later I had a full list of all of my works that appear in there. Well, I say “all”, there’s only the two, and it’s the two that I expected:


Quite a Contrast

Now I can go and enjoy wandering around the mosaic without being preoccupied with looking for my own works. ;)

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