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Thanks for Featuring Emma's Stargate Nova in Group Surrealism

Sorry this is so late in coming – the thanks, that is, for this featuring that happened 6 days ago. We just got electric power back yesterday after 5 days out from an ice storm that hit the New England states of the USA a week ago today.

Our little wood stove did an amazing job, though it had to be tended every 2 hours night and day to keep it pumping out enough heat to keep living quarters safe. It was like going back to the 1800’s, an amazing instant time machine – dinners by candlight, though we did sneak out to power up our laptops at MacDonalds during the day south of here and use them for DVD dinner theater at night. All in all it drew the family tighter than ever together.

In other news, still trying to finish wallpapering our daughter’s bedroom and prepare for Christmas. After the New Year I should be poised to gear up for art production.

Wishing everyone the best the world can bring to you every day, every moment.


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