Featured again and The Challenge software problem

I have noticed how with this ‘CHALLENGE’ software displays the entrys in a rotating courasel (spelling?) which is extremely biased toward the first 10 or so entry’s. A challenge which I looked through had 100 entry’s and it took me at least five minutes to scroll through the whole lot. Now statistically I would think that most people would only look through the first 20 before getting fed up. I think a valid suggestion may be to randomise the courasel order so that each time the page is loaded, different entrys are displayed. This way the competition becomes fairer :)

Anyway I know Redbubble have been continuously improving this wonderful site and I commend them for their fantastic effort in providing a platform for artists.

I haven’t written for a while, mainly because I have had a few things on lately. I have been looking to get a wide angle lens for a few weeks, and after some umming and ahhhing I went ahead and bought a Tokina 11-16mm 2.8. Was looking forward to using it the weekend just gone, but the evil Mr. Murphy stepped in and his law has effectively put my hopes on hold for a few weeks. The guy at the shop emailed me and now tells me no wide angle fun until the start of October. Patience needed now!!

My Sherbrooke forest shot is featured again, this time in the Dandenongs group (http://www.redbubble.com/groups/the-dandenongs) :) :)

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