Canon 50D

After much deliberation which rapidly deteriorated into a state of panic as the Australian Dollar recently nosedived, I purchased a Canon 50D. Although it has been a great little machine, the files from my 350D were just not big enough to allow me any flexibility with cropping etc and besides I felt the need for a new toy.
I had hoped to take my time and read the reviews before taking the plunge but it wasn’t too difficult to work out what would happen to the price once the current stocks ran out.
I took it out for the first time on the weekend. First impressions are pretty good. It is well laid out and relatively user friendly. Its great that my thumb doesn’t continuously land on the auto exposure lock (real handy) as it does on the 350D and that enormous viewing screen really does look good. On the debit side my memory cards all appear to have shrunk considerably and I expect my computer will go into cardiac arrest as soon as I try and work with multi layers.
I think the 50D will be a fine machine although I was a bit concerned about the noise control considering the large mega pixel increase. Still after the caning the Nikon D300 gave the 40D I figured Canon couldn’t afford to make a mistake.
The current economic climate is definitely a worry and if anyone out there (in Australia) is thinking of buying new gear I would suggest you do it now if it’s not already too late.

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