When Words Attack

Written sometime late Spring, 2010
Uploaded 30Aug2010

I hope that if you decide to read the following piece (below the line) then you have as much fun with it as I did creating it. Also, I hope that it inspires you to try this on your own. It is great fun! The idea is to write as fast as you can without stopping and thinking. Its tough at first, but very easy to get into, especially for crazy folks (just kidding!); “Creative Folks” should do well with this type of exercise. Really though, give it a try. I promise that if you go long enough with it, you won’t have anything else to think about… your mind will become blank for a while! Sometimes, that is a very hard state of mind to come by. So, in order to start, just pick a word (any!), and go with it.

To explain a bit about this: The places where there is a colon, I kinda’ got stuck and had to improvise. When there are proper names or titles, I tried to put them into quotations… but it gets a bit hairy toward the end. And, the letters in parentheses are to be added to the word when starting the next string, not necessarily for the last work of a string.

If it doesn’t make sense, look at it like this: dog catcher, “Catcher in the Rye”, rye bread, bread and butter, butter milk, … etc. But, it is probably best to be read as fast as possible, giving little thought to the process… for that is the spirit in which it was created!

Have Fun! Oh, and feel free to judge me all you want about this piece. Or, comment on your favorite parts. Thanks!

Here goes:

:- dog catcher in the rye bread and butter milk and cookies jar of pickles and peppers for your salad bowl of cherries and cream cheese and cake and ice cream (ed) corn fed cattle ranch dressing yourself when you were a kid goat (s) have weird eyes of needles to prick your finger sandwiches and chips to play poker game of life is full of ups and downs in a football game cock fight to the death match stick horse barn yard stick ‘em up side down wind mill about town house calls your name plate of spaghetti straps of a woman’s top that spins around in circles like a circus ring leader of the pack of wolves howl at night fall down the stairs to heaven were a mythical idea of the pagan’s society declines with time sheet of drywall board walk about-face lift me up-side down-ward spiral out of control tower of London Bridge is falling down and out side of beef stew (ing) about his problems can get out of hand shake rattle and roll of aluminum foil a plot to kill the engine (er) of a train of a wedding dress to “Kill Bill” Cosby once hawked pudding pops goes the weasel family of rodents are pests infested the porch awning over the picnic table and chairs of the board walk in the park way home is where the heart is fragile do not drop of oil spill the beans make you fart (ing) relieves pressure cooker in a kitchen sink the ship a package delivery truck on down the road to nowhere else on earth the final frontier (s) men and women give birth-day party like an animal kingdom of the king of spades to dig the dirt around the mound of flowers for your wife of eleven years ago I was “Nineteen Eighty Four”, (the novel) idea including pictures drawn by artists depiction of a crime scene in which the actor of a play date rape suspect to investigation of a “Murder She Wrote” letters of recommendation of advancement through the ranks of officers in charge of the incident involving many criminals live in jails food is not very balanced budget for such a thing-a-ma-bob for apples and oranges are citrus fruit cocktail hour glass of wine o my gosh darn that rascally rabbit (‘s) foot ball park and ride a bus station agents of change th baby’s diaper rash – like hives of bee’s honey and “Toast Masters” of the links, (spelled lynx) are types of cats meow mix up side down and out and about “Face Off” the grass clippings from newspapers in a pile of crap shot in the arm wrestle him to the ground ball game night and day time to go home state of the union army/navy football game time clock tower (ing) statues of dead guys and dolls (the baby ones) have George Washington’s picture “This Old House” full of kids love to play ground (s) keeper of the crypt in which one is entombed in solid gold nuggets of chicken pot pie in the sky is “Blue Suede Shoes” are made for walking and talking on the phone calls out to others have a right to know it all the time is running out of milk shake the crap out of it is like this and that will never do not turn on red light “District 9“: (a good movie) theater for the arts and crafts style my hair do wop-per from “Burger “King” of Queens” in a deck of cards you send to people on their birthday song goes on and on and on another note to self -esteem issues of the judge me not in this lifetime of mosquitos is like three days old so throw it out of here we go again and again she said no you don’t “Mister Ed”, a talking horse: (my throat is) from talking this out loud mouth full of teeth fall out? give ‘em to the Tooth Fairy dust the furniture polish my shoes and socks go in the top “drawer full of clothes and I can’t find anything to wear”, (where) X=Y+Z minus the sum of the amount comes to five dollars and fifty cents is half a dollors worth of candy corn on the cob is useful for making a pipe cleaner lady finger nail polish remover of bad omens: (ix nay) on the mens nay, she does it all the time and place for that sort of “thing is, I don’t even know” what? do you get when you cross a pen across a paper trail of ink stains look like ink blots her lipstick to keep from looking like a clown college degree of applied science class clown around the block of wood chuck wagon trail blazer: (aka a “Chevy) “Chase” “Bank” of “America”, home of the Brave” (s):, a baseball team in “Atlanta Falcons” nest of “Hornets of Charlotte” (‘s) Web of a spider bite down on my tongue tied a rope around my neck “tie – no body wins” the race around the world of wonders who might be able to decipher these words written on this page.

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When Words Attack


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This composition came about as an experiment, written and performed sometime this past spring (2010). For an extended block of time (way too long), I just couldn’t stop thinking about any and all things. Since my days were full of solitude and free time, my main activities were reading and writing. When it was time to go to sleep, I would often find my mind wandering… sometimes even racing. I came about this project by a prompt from another person whom I would communicate with everyday. Our daily conversations included brief verbal exchanges followed by written correspondence involving all things philosophical. He had suggested this exercise to me as a way to clear my head, with the hopes that it would provide some relief from some of the racing thoughts and allow for a focus on more important writing to take place . The subsequent results were not only hilarious (to me) but also very therapeutic. This piece is my second example of working in this style, and it fully takes up both sides of a sheet of paper. My first attempt, (which I haven’t yet located), only took up one side of paper. If this goes well, I might find it, type it up, and post it as well.

My inspiration to type this up comes from a different prompt of sorts, from a fellow RedBubbler, Jenifer DeBellis . She suggested that I check out the work of Hannah Weiner. When I went to the website , and looked at the first entry, titled “Clairvoyant Journal” I was immediately reminded of my composition, here, which I felt compelled to find, type up, and post it here.

I look forward to going over the work of Hannah Weiner, for she seemed to be on the extremely ground-breaking front of writing in her time

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