OrbitFM Australia

Its no secret that I’m crazy about music, but I do have some eclectic tastes. I HATE DISLIKE commercial radio and haven’t listened to anything higher than 91.3 on the FM dial in years. I support Dayton Public Radio , my local classical music station, but that’s about as commercial-free as it gets around here, save for another public channel that plays jazz that is also good.

Always scouring the internet for new sources of streaming music, my newest find is
OrbitFM Australia (but that link doesn’t work right now). Its mostly House music, slightly dance-ish, but its a nice mix. Hit up the “good” link at Shoutcast and the station can be played in-browser.

Or, OrbitFM Australia’s IP is which can be plugged into a standalone music player and should queue up just fine. The advantage of the standalone vs in-browser option is equalizer control. One note with either option is that this is a low-bandwidth station playing at 48kbps. Currently I have a FM transmitter plugged into my laptop, broadcasting to a super-old (but high-quality) one speaker radio… which of course adds to the allure of low bitstream listening!

Doing a Wikipedia search of Radio Stations in Australia pulls up the frequencies of the originating signals for the OrbitFM Australia stream that is being rebroadcasted online:

87.8 MHz / 88.0 MHz Orbit FM (Dance Music Narrowcast)

87.6 MHz Orbit FM – Dance Culture radio – (Rebroadcast of Kiss FM)

87.6 MHz Orbit FM – Relay of Kiss FM

87.6 MHz Orbit FM – Relay of Kiss FM (Port Fairy area)

Anyone ever listen to any of these in Australia? The very notion of this variety of music on live-air is curious to me. Its definitely an enjoyable style , but alas, not available on my dial… nor are Aussie DJs.

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