Prayer of Surrender, by Francis de Sales

I have been thinking about the following piece a bit lately, and decided to share it with anyone who might be interested. I first read this back in March of 2010, and on April 7th, 2010, I decided to sign my name to this… as something that I had dedicated myself to take to heart. I hope that this might be helpful to others as it has been helpful to me.

This was written long ago, so the copyright is surely in the public domain. I would not really want to publish something here in entirety if it is current works (maybe a qoute here and there might be OK), but if I use any quotes, I will surely always give credit to the author.

This is titled Prayer of Surrender, by Francis deSales

     "And, turning myself toward my most gracious and merciful God, I desire, purpose, and am irrevocably resolved to serve and love Him now and forever; and to this end, I give and consecrate to Him my soul with all its powers, my heart with all its affections, and my body with all its sense, protesting that I will never more abuse any part of my being against His divine will and sovereign majesty, to whom I offer up and sacrifice myself in spirit, to be forever His loyal, obedient, and faithful creature, without ever revoking or repenting of this my act and deed. But if, alas!, I should chance, through the suggestion of the enemy, or through human frailty, to transgress in any point, or fail in adhering to this my resolution and dedication, I protest from this moment and am determined with the assistance of the Holy Ghost, to rise as soon as I shall perceive my fall, and return again to the divine mercy, without any delay whatsoever. This is my inviolable and irrevocable will, intention, and resolution, which I declare and confirm without reservation or exception, in the sacred presence of God."

     When I initially read this “quasi-manifesto”, I was at once impacted by its absolute and blunt nature. deSales’ urge to completely dedicate and hand over his will to His Father, essentially allowing his will to become His will, is to me amazing. Of course, I had to meditate on this for a few weeks before I found myself even able to come to terms with this credo as pertains to my life. Even then, it took a few more days before I was able to sign my name to it.

     I am not one to take matters of the heart and soul lightly. Even more so, when it comes to The Spirit, I do not undertake beliefs and tendencies that I think that I might not be able to keep real. So for me, signing my name to this is a big deal to me in my life. I am a big fan of honesty and truth… especially “The Truth”. I feel that this prayer embodies all of what is necessary to be able to begin to perceive spirituality in one’s life. And… this helped to solidify any and all teachings that I had learned up to this point in my life, as well as any current and future revelations.

     I think that I have been thinking about this prayer because I have recently been stuck in some deep negative thoughts self-perception lately. I have been a bit out of it, and I have felt a need to overcome this internal self-destruction. For the past week or so, it has started to change… my mindset that is. I would like to thank all of those folks who have helped me to pull out of this slump, both artists on this site with their words, as well as the personal real world relationships that I do have and the conversations that I have had with those people. Thank You.

     Everyone goes through negativity in their lives… often everyday. Too much can be damaging to how we see ourselves, as well as how we keep intact our relationship with our Higher Power. Everyone has the ability to overcome the negative effects that affect us. Often it might come in the form of others when we just aren’t able to do it for ourselves, and often it is in the form of us helping others (and this in turn actually helps us to deal with our own internal struggles). But no matter how the relief comes, we must acknowledge that it comes from Beyond us… it is not our will. Yes, we all want to be happy, but we really don’t have any control of the happiness we feel in our lives. THAT comes from Him… whoever we perceive Him to be in our lives.

     I have no qualms about expressing my thoughts and beliefs on this site and in the forms by which I do so. Preachy? one might ask? If someone feels that I am, well I’m not trying to be. If someone doesn’t like it, well then then I’m flattered. BUT, I welcome any and all positive OR negative feedback, because really, I’m probably off base some where, and I have no problem being corrected if and where need be. At the least, I would take any other opinions to thought if not heart. Thanks for reading, and I will edit this somewhere, I’m sure.

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