What a year ’twas 2011. Amazing highs… painful lows.
And now in 2012? Only the good Lord knows.…

I have been blessed over the past many months to have been
allowed to grow stronger as a person. Strength has come from
realizing how deep some of my capacities really are, especially
when it comes to love. The complex state of being known as
love can bring amazing experiences as well as painful
existences. Which is where I find myself today… on the back-
end of love. And since this is an impromptu post via QuickPress,
I am unsure of where to go from here as relates to what I’m

My most important thoughts right now are strength,
hope, faith, growth, compassion, emptiness (as in the hard to
grasp Buddhist concept of emptiness), perseverance and self-
preservation, and of course *love *. And what a l

Sigh. Well... it's true.

… …sigh… …

“I wish you were here…”


… because “I miss you like sleep”…


… and “I’m Lost in Space”…


… so maybe you could “Save Me”.


If not, well, then "I’ll Float on Down the River… alone…


… until I reach “St. Elsewhere”, where can you find me… waiting…


… until maybe “You can be in”… because “it’s so much better”…


… especially since “You’re the Kind of Girl that Fits in with My World”.


But, since “Love Can Damage Your Health”…


… then maybe I’m just barking up the wrong tree.

Besides, “Where would We go from Here”?


… …sigh… …

Mixtapes are alive and well… and have even taken on a life of their own, thanks to the new digital technology that we all know and love. My “poem” consists mostly of song titles and lyrics…

Powerful Emotion (Goodies Inside)

Now here’s a video that shows some powerful emotion… featuring a man who was no stranger to emotion. Johnny Cash lived a full and intriguing life, but some of his choices haunted him in the end. This song Hurt was written by Trent Reznor, so its actually a cover being performed by the Man in Black. ’Tis an excellent video that even stars a special guest, June Carter Cash.…

Trust me (or don’t), but this is a sobering video which forces the viewer to, at the very least, stop and acknowledge regret… at least it did me. Being one of the last projects he performed, Hurt seems to epitomize the sorrows of J.R. Cash’s life.


Now for the Goodies!

I downloaded this video by Mr. Cash off of YouTube via an extension called FastestTube that I’ve found within the Opera web browser. With it, every

OrbitFM Australia

Its no secret that I’m crazy about music, but I do have some eclectic tastes. I HATE DISLIKE commercial radio and haven’t listened to anything higher than 91.3 on the FM dial in years. I support Dayton Public Radio , my local classical music station, but that’s about as commercial-free as it gets around here, save for another public channel that plays jazz that is also good.…

Always scouring the internet for new sources of streaming music, my newest find is
OrbitFM Australia (but that link doesn’t work right now). Its mostly House music, slightly dance-ish, but its a nice mix. Hit up the “good” link at Shoutcast and the station can be played in-browser.

Or, OrbitFM Australia’s IP is which can be plugged into a standalone music player and should queue up just fine. The ad

Musical Swagger

Today I found an excellent source of music with some channels free to stream: radioio. The free stations have short advertisements and the streams are only 32 or 64kbps, but hey.…

My station of choice on radioio is Chill (… of course it would be…) and there is an Ambient station as well. I’ll have to listen some more before deciding if radioio is a serious contender to my favorite internet station, SomaFM, but radioio is definitely worth listening to.

The radioio website and interface setup is very user friendly. One advantage radioio has over SomaFM is its in-browser player, whereas SomaFM requires a standalone media player (VLC would be an optimal open-source media player). SomaFM is listener supported (meaning “donations”) and does not play commercials. Monthly subscriptions to radioio

Let us go to the past... quickly now.

Twitter is so simple… yet brilliant. I never know what will come through my feed, lending the “passive” social networking tool lots of intrigue. The latest jewel I discovered came through as a link to the website How to be a Retronaut . I seriously urge you to go there NOW! Its full of pictures from the past. The link that I received was from pictures of Egypt circa 1920s IN COLOR . Quickly now… go away from here and explore some pictures from the past.

Another day? Just breathe.

#Breathe, by Télépopmusik, from the album Genetic World#

Some might remember this song from an old Mitsubishi commercial. Great song and message nonetheless. Consolation for those who are used to it by now.

original album version:

extended mix:

Buddha Bar VI remix:
(This one is new to me. I love the haunting voice, the minimal/drone-ish tempo, and the groovy instrumentals here. This mix does seem chopped at the end though.).

Just Breathe

World events can be... exhausting.

I’ve been away from this place for some time now. My latest hangout has been Twitter. I’ve only been using Twitter since the New Years Eve, but I have quickly found out that it can be THE place for breaking news. The past several days for me have been rough due to the events taking place in Egypt. What really amazes me is the role that new-media has played in Egypt’s protest for liberation. On Twitter, depending on who you follow it is possible to get up-to-the-second updates from people, and also the protesters there. It became for me quite engrossing, for many different reasons. I first became aware of the situation on 28 Jan, three days after the protests began. I had been hearing bits and pieces regarding the situation in Egypt over the radio via BBC and NPR, but without a cable or sa…

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