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Realizations, they can kill you.

People are interesting. So much hate in the world…I even catch myself with that metaphorical tree branch up my butt once in a while. And some of the things people do and say are just…what’s the word? Curious? Strange? Demeaning? Ridiculous? Surprising? No, not surprising. Nothing is surprising anymore. I’d be surprised if something was truly surprising. Think about it. If someone were to say that a random senator was a sexual fiend with a scat fetish who went around to peoples houses to steal there underwear for a shrine in their closet, would you truly be surprised? Would you put that past the human race, or think it impossible for someone to do? I can guarantee you that it’s been done by SOMEBODY in the world. Why not an elected official? Just another person.

Suicide, genocide, murder, torture, gross fetishes, rape, necrophilia, and so on…it’s all been done over and over again. And it will continue to happen. There are people out there who believe in peace, hope for it. Hell, they even fight for it. The truth is (and I’m sorry to burst your pink bubblegum flavored bubble) that peace can and will never happen. Never! not in a million years. Not with people, not with animals, not with nature. Life itself is based upon violence and death. Like with other fantasies, peace is nice to think about, but it’s not real. We sometimes have brief periods of time in our own personal lives where we experience less stress. True, but that is not peace. Somewhere in the world, someone or something is being killed (or killing themselves). Like George Carlin (a wise man with a funny way of saying things) said, “Do you realize? Do you realize that somewhere in the world some guy is getting ready to kill himself?” – “Because statistics show that every year 1,000,000 people commit suicide.” Every 30 seconds. That isn’t including other forms of killing which happens more often. There are plenty of categories of murder, suicide, and various violent acts. (Maybe I should put some time aside to write a list of them. Maybe I should make it into a shirt…just a playful thought.) The only way someone can experience peace is through death and even then, there’s still debating and fighting over it. Even if you’re not the one talking, fighting, or crying, someone is.

Think about it. Watch the news. Pay attention to the people around you. Read a few magazines, or articles. You might notice a trend. Interesting, but not surprising…unless you truly are a sheltered shut-in. (In that case, make some friends and you’ll see what I mean.) People will do anything that is physically possible to do. If it hasn’t already been done, it soon will be. Violent, or just silly.

Merry Christmas! :D

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