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Late Night Ranting o_o

So here I am…posting yet another blog that will be viewed as me complaining about my life and making me sound like a complete whining little twat…and will no doubt be view by any of my blood and either discussed amongst themselves or brought up to me in the form of concern and or disgust. Hmm..that in itself could be considered a form of rant, I suppose. But there’s still much for me to say…I have yet to say enough for that initial reaction. Perhaps I should put my view of abortion out on a silver platter and have all sorts of religious fanatics and whiny close-minded people to complain at me. I’ve already posted my view on capital punishment…even did a speech/presentation on it…Oddly enough, people did take it into thought and consideration when I showed the numbers ($37 billion saved) and the innocent animals being saved. It was nice to present to some open-minded people, or close-minded people with respect. Maybe I should give my opinion of the equality of women and how it is still non-existent. Eh…I’m not a feminist, I just think people are people. Yes, I have a vagina, but I’m an American citizen. Damn..that is a good topic. I’ll go with that…in another blog. This one is already long enough as it is.

Well, anyway…

I’m staying up tonight, chugging down tea due to the fact that my cream has spoiled and I can only handle so much black coffee. Hopefully, I’ll get some work done, or at least get my mind on track. Life of a college student is just so glamorous. And hearing about people who have it worse than me, does not make me feel any better. In fact, it makes me feel worse. Does it really have to be this way? I fully understand that the business world will expect PRODUCT PRODUCT PRODUCT, but college is where you’re supposed to prepare for that…step-by-step. Not be treated by an employee and told to make something in a program I don’t understand, then told to get a tutor to actually learn anything at all. What’s the point of having class then? I really want to learn…I really really do…but there’s no time to learn.

I was told to talk to someone…and if I could change the curriculum by just talking to one person, I would happily do so without hesitation. Unfortunately, that’s not how things work…I, myself, cannot make things better for everyone. College is nothing but a business anymore and we all have to put up with it because the business world requires you to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to work and be in debt for the next 20 years. All of the schools are like this no matter where you go…learning is no longer important. We are only a product, they own us and we throw money at these schools and government to attempt to follow our dreams. Bah! We’re not even treated with respect…college students are viewed as only kids who don’t know anything, but are expected to understand everything and work constantly, not have a social life, and act like adults. Yes yes, we’re learning how to become adults and blah blah blah….same crap everytime. Give us a break. The economy sucks, so we’re not even getting a break from that to buy a simple video game without going in debt or not being able to eat for a week. Or go out for a weekend (or vegetate) without falling behind in classes and fail. Really? In the business world work stays at work, and home stays at home…and they have the weekend to rest the mind and body, take care of anything, and get ready for another week of work. But we’re ungrateful, punk kids, who don’t know anything about crappy situations, yet no one would trade places to be in the same position.

Blah…schools could at least be truthful and not advertise themselves as efficient learning facilities with full-qualified teachers ready to take the time to actually teach, but what they truly are, companies you have to pay to work for to get a little piece of paper that says you can do something. Skill is not important, just your money and your soul.

Perhaps I should give a presentation on that. haha…it’d only work if someone important, or useful listened.

Alright, I’ll stop now…and know that I’m not talking specifically about my situation, this was a general topic of truth, but yes…I am sucked into the same bullshit.

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