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Well, I moved out. Packed up most of my stuff (forgot a few things), and checked into the hotel. The room has a few flaws, since they’ve been remodeling (I declined the king room so I wouldn’t have to move my stuff). But the service is nice, there’s coffee all day and night, breakfast, cookies, and fruit every day, and internet (obviously).

I know I’m going to miss my dungeon room, AMAZING bed, and weapon…but I think I can manage for a year and a half. It’s weird not having parents around…or dogs….or a yard with squirrel friends.

I was fine, not showing any emotion, until Reilly gave me that look when she saw me packing (you know the look). It just killed me to see her that sad. cry

The drive was nice though. Even with traffic, it was decent, so visiting home will not be hard. :D

Now to cut and dye my hair. :P

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