Poetry book now available as free Ebook

Copies of my book, Storage Space are now available for free in Ebook format over the internet. It is available in multiple formats for viewing on Ebooks, Ipads, Ipods, and standard computers. Hard copies of the text are still available on Amazon or from me. You will have to register with the Free-eBooks site, but you can do this for free and don’t need to accept the payment option.
For those of you who have not had a chance to read my work, I hope you take advantage of this option.

PTSD : A Fable

Once upon a time in Africa, there was an idealistic and rather naive, young man who became upset about the mistreatment of some of his fellow human beings due to the enhanced pigmentation of their skin. So this idealistic and naive, young man went and found a group of other idealistic and naive, young men in the hope that they might end the mistreatment of pigmently-enhanced, human beings, and maybe impress a few idealistic and naive, young women along the way.
Through extremely hard and dangerous work and without nearly enough approval from any idealistic and naive, young women, these young men were indeed able to end the mistreatment of their pigmented brethren. But the cost was high. Many a naive, young man met their demise, and the unknown damage to the tormented mind of the ideal…

First Review

The first official review of my latest book, “Storage Space”, has been written by John Lehman at Book I think it is balanced and am happy with the overall critique ($spindb.query.listrev...).
Here it is:…

It’s unusual for the first poem in a collection to be the title of the book. Usually the poet saves that for three-quarters of the way through as a kind of vindication for what has been included, but in this case it is perfect. “We all need a little space store the things we treasure…” the poet says, whether they are valuable or we just “lack the heart to throw (them) away.” The pieces I love best are those that reveal the relationships, memories hopes and dreams that make up the poet’s life. Does that make them profound, or even releva

If art truly imitates life?

What we need in movies is more toilet scenes to help put things into perspective.
Hollywood claims its gratuitous use of sex scenes represents a normal element of human relationships – a case of art imitates life – not meaningless titillation. And so, if the average human being goes to the loo at least four to eight times a day, perhaps a hundred times more than even the most athletic of us will be lucky enough to have “relations” – than let’s see more pooping and peeing on the silver screen.
I would like to watch Wil Smith running to the dunny before mowing down the latest alien menace. I would like to see plumbing facilities on the USS Enterprise or Millennium Falcon, and see Captain Kirk queuing up to use the head, while some Plutonian life-form complains that the shape does not suit…

The substitute sports teacher

‘Here,’ he said, handing me the balls. ‘You can take the Year Sixes for volleyball. Just break them into four teams of five and let them play for forty-five minutes.’
‘Right,’ I grinned, ‘sounds simple enough,’ and it was in theory, although no one had explained that to the Year Sixes. For the boys the ball became a soccer, rugby and every other type of ball except a volleyball. For the girls, screams and squeals as they criss-crossed sides while the two genders gleefully interfered in each others’ games.
‘Ok,’ I said, ‘let’s try basketball. Boys on that side of the court, girls over here.’
And it worked for five minutes, till those two little girls wanted a drink, and this little one bent her finger back, and that little boy fell and scratched his knee and needed two of his mates to he…

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