Featured Artist ... Cool :-)

A big THANKS to Kasey and Cheryl, first for all the wonderful work they do making the Redfield Plugins group work, and of couse for the featured artist deal. Absolutely blew me away, very apprecaited.   :-)

I love Fractalius. It’s such a fun filter to play around with, provides a different angle and adds that certian something to photos turning them into works of art. It’s also a handy filter to use when enhancing photos.

I’ve moved all my photos using Fractalius to the front of my portfolio, there just happened to be 9 :-) … oh, If you’ve any questions etc just ask.

This is my latest photo using Fractalius to enhance, really happy with this one.

… and this one .. totally Fractaulised is very popular both here and on Flickr

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