Featured - Kate's Cello

Good morning …
well, for me it’s 6:30am, just about to head off for work ..
but just before leaving I had to check RB .. yeah you know how it is :-)

Kates Cello was been featured over in the Redfield Plugins Group

Thanks heaps !! I cant think of a better way to start the day (sleepin in comes close)
I love the Fractalius plugin, it’s just got so much creative potiential & it’s inspiring to see how others have used it to create masterpieces.

Have a wonderful day, thanks again .. DP     (Yep, now I’m running late .. oh well)

Featured Artist ... Cool :-)

A big THANKS to Kasey and Cheryl, first for all the wonderful work they do making the Redfield Plugins group work, and of couse for the featured artist deal. Absolutely blew me away, very apprecaited.   :-)

I love Fractalius. It’s such a fun filter to play around with, provides a different angle and adds that certian something to photos turning them into works of art. It’s also a handy filter to use when enhancing photos.

I’ve moved all my photos using Fractalius to the front of my portfolio, there just happened to be 9 :-) … oh, If you’ve any questions etc just ask.

This is my latest photo using Fractalius to enhance, really happy with this one.

… and this one .. totally Fractaulised is very popular both here and on Flickr

Good things come in 3's

This week there were 3 features … and 3 challenge results in Top 10 :-)

Native Bee featured in the 1:1 macro Photography and MacroPhotography groups

Native Bee featured in the Extreme Close-Ups group

Jumping Spider placed in the Top 10 … March 2009 Avatar challenge

Bearded Iris came 2nd in the Any coloured Iris challenge

and to my surprise .. Cicada placed within the Top 10 .. A show of Wings challenge

wow … all I can say is thanks heaps .. RB rocks !!
Enjoy your weekend .. Blessings ;-)

Feature,Top 10, big :-) and Question!

OK … I’ve been lazy and have some catchin up to do.…

Jumping spider was featured in the 1:1 Macro Photography group 28 days ago

Eatin Pollen placed within the top 10 (3rd) .. Insects in Super Macro challenge 11 days ago

The big :-) is a result of many months saving $ … upgraded .. 5D MkII
Wow .. what an awesome camera … can’t wait to get out there and take some photo’s

Now … question if I may for those who’ve done a Wedding Shoot.
I’ve been asked and am reconsidering helping out some friends by photographing their wedding. So … any tips, things I should look out for etc?
They know this will be my first, not going to charge them (I’ve done well leaving $$ up to what ‘client’ feels is fair) also going to ask them to get together some pics from mags etc to give me an idea what they’re looking

Featured - Jumping Spider x2, Peek-a-Boo x2, and Spot

Thanks heaps to YOU guys and especially the group hosts out there that devote so much of their personal time in keeping the groups fun and running :-)

I came home this afternoon to find the following:

Jumping Spider featured in the Redfield Plugins and Arachnids groups

Peek-a-Boo featured in the Arachnids and Exreme Close-Ups groups

… and Spot are featured in the Exreme Close-Ups group.

… again Thanks !!!   :-)   Darren.

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait