Churlish Lawnmowers...

So one day I’m mowing the lawn listening to music, laughing at people that look at me funny when they walk by. As I get close to our pond that has a kidney bean shape I get more cautious because the pond’s lining has been laid out over some parts of the grass. So there I am taking my time making careful notes to not mow the lining. Then somehow the mower grabs hold of the corner and BAM! It’s like a black hole that starts sucking it all in. As it does it makes the most terrible non-euphonious sound, it starts to slow at a constant rate, then: “POP!” Starting back up again making my mom - who was working in the garden several yards away- jump. After this little mishap, the mower if tipped onto only two wheels. Occasionally would pull to one side then abruptly stop. Thus making this mower the title, “Churlish Lawnmowers”.

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