THE CHIMERA! or "the Future in Video Gaming"

What’s a Journal?
Your Journal is a great place to communicate with your fans and the people who are interested in your work. People who are watching you will be notified each time you update your Journal.

I guess you could use it for that. Even though you comment on photo’s and have mass bubble mails to around a million people who don’t read them anyways. You know what, I think Honda should bulid a robot that looks like a chimera and it actually can breathe fire. But this fire is not your normal fire! It contains holographic updates of everything on RedBubble!! NO WAY!! So that way instead of having to ACTUALLY click on the Bubblemail link, AND THEN click on the Email itself. Now you can sit on the couch while eating your every so cool Diet Potato Chips (Hoax put on by Lays, chips ingredients consist of Isoprene thus the chipper [Def: One who eats Potato Chips] chews on the chip. And just keeps chewing…) while watching your favourite movie, “Gone With the Wind.” You can simply Clap, or Snap and aforementioned Chimera will then Spew fire and display all of your favourite RedBubble updates. Way cooler than reading a journal…like this one.

Journal Comments