So Many Views On "I Love You", Why????

Hi Everyone,

As some of you may already know, my Mom passed away this December and so I haven’t been around much for awhile. My photography has taken a backseat to helping my Dad, and myself, get through the toughest time of our lives.

That being said, I am at a total loss as to why my I Love You is pushing 8000 views! In or around November when I had looked there were probably somewhere around 2300 or 2400 views but I almost fell off my seat when popped in not long ago and saw the new numbers. The funny thing is, although the views seem to be climbing by over 100 a day, there are no new favoritings or comments so it leads me to believe they are views from outside of Redbubble somehow. I have not put this shot up anywhere else or linked it anywhere else.

Do any of you have any ideas as to why the views are climbing so rapidly? I am not complaining, far from it, I am just really curious and baffled!

I hope this note finds all of you well and healthy and I hope you all had wonderful holiday seasons with your loved ones!

Take care and be safe!


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