"I Love You" Wins 1st Place - THANKS FOR THE VOTES!!!

Hi Everyone!

Thanks to all of you who have supported me on my time here at RB and most recent to all of those that have voted for I Love You in the Live, Live, Dream Group’s Passions challenge! It sure is a HUGE honour to win with 272 awesome entries…I still can’t believe it to tell you the truth!!

On top of that just two days ago missheels made me very happy by buying a copy of “I Love You” for a loved one. It means a lot to me to know that something I created is giving the gift of love to others and making them happy! Valentines Day shouldn’t be the only day we say those three magical words to someone, or at least I don’t believe so.

And what I really can’t believe either, is that this image has had 2248 views, 69 favouritings, and 137 comments!! It is by far my most popular shot and my favorite too but not because of all of the views etc… but because of the meaning behind it and what it means to me.

That being said, the biggest Thank You goes to my new Husband Scott Ruhs who is the inspiration behind all of my “I Love You’s.” Since I met him, I just can’t say it enough!

My dearest wish is that all of you have the love in your life that inspired me to go out and create those letters in the sand!!!


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