What is talent, do you have it, do I have it, is there such a thing as a talented photographer?

I recently read on someone’s profile something about how their talent was growing from being on the site and it got me to thinking about “talent”.

For many years now I have been thinking about talent and wondering if I would ever find mine. I am not musically gifted, I love to sing but have NO idea how to sing in key, I can’t draw even a stick figure straight, I suck at crafts, etc…. So, I thought about what I was good at, and all I could come up with is making people laugh and trying to make them happy. Again though, I don’t think thats a talent, its just my personality, right?

So what about photography, is that a talent? Anyone can learn to use a camera and take a picture, and the quality of a camera will make a difference in the quality of an image. There are many of you on redbubble that have cameras far superior to my point and shoot, but that wouldn’t mean more talent, that would mean more money for a better camera and therefore better quality of work. Now, that would be where WHAT you are capturing comes into play, is that where the talent lies?

I have often read about people having an “eye” for photography. Do you have that “eye”, do I? At one point I might have said I do, but then I think about all of the inspiration I gain from what I see here on redbubble and in other places and I wonder if that isn’t where my “eye” for photography comes from. So, that wouldn’t be talent, it would be growth and knowledge, right?

Do you consider yourself a talented photographer? If photography isn’t your talent, do you know what is?

Please let me know as I am curious as to how people think on this subject.

Thanks for your time!


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