the cat

she sits / in the window seat,

the day

J'accuse by darkvampire

seven years

black memories / like the wings of dying / birds / lie heavily on her / head
Sacrifice by darkvampire

the angel


Abortion—a Sonnet

Referendum by darkvampire

the hands

 Light My Fire by darkvampire

the bridge


baby gone

Don't Spare The Rod by darkvampire

the keening

I lie alone with the / moon.

her love

lying in his cold wooden / house / he speaks no / words,


as boiling / water poured over naked / flesh / is / love; / it scars / before it / kills, / and tortures us / inside.

city, part two


city, part one.

…thus are they all / bereaved, in misery / unrelieved.


the city / lights / lie like / corpses, / while mute mannequins / stare prissily

The Face

The face / substantial as a pumpkin, / real as / ice.


loneliness / is a / smog / that / wriggles / inside of / me;


Looking For The Babies by darkvampire Voiceless by darkvampire Woman, Know Thy Place. by darkvampire


once my / belly was as full as the / moon,
Plenty of Opportunities for the Young. by darkvampire If Only We'd Got It Right by darkvampire Conversion by darkvampire

the bird

this morning / I found a dead / gull / in the bird-bath in my / garden.

the empty walls

the faces on the empty / walls / don’t understand;


the sharp / blade / thrust in and / out;


memories like swarming / bats / fill her head as on her / knees / she performs the / ritual.


it is a / windswept place, / the cold air biting with iron / jaws.

the promise

a promise from my lover is / the glass upon the floor;

black babies

time makes heaps of / earth, / covered with / flowers / in shapes of the / starving.

in the morning

in the morning I / awake / before you; the / smell of your sleep intoxicates / me,

on the death of a child

as the soft bird


two windows, opaque and / grey, strangle the / sunligh


I was walking over the Lakeland fells. / (I suppose I had been that way before / But never, I think, at spring lambing-time). / The grass p…


lying in anaesthetised / sheets of snow, / she palely, patiently / waits,

pestilence (part three)

along many foul / alleyways; up / cracked and broken / steps: / a dwarfish creature,

pestilence (part two)

here crawls one on / bandaged stumps, a wooden / block in either hand / against wearing out / hands as well as / feet.

pestilence (part one)

the city sleeps. / sin rises like a dirty / vapour from off the crazed / paving stones / and permeates the darkness


sadness and regret / fall / like dirty grey / snow upon the stiffening / corpse


the ragged girl / walks up the steps / of the / theatre with dirt-stained / feet, her bare / flesh / on the stone / like the slap of we…

this, then, is the night.

this, then, is the night,


the rain does not wet her, nor the / sun give / warmth.

the morning after

your mouth exhaling / golden / ampersands

In The Alleyway

In the alleyway two dirty feet stick / out of a cardboard box like twin / kangaroos


grinding their sharp yellow / teeth / like the scavengers they / are.


curled up / in the police cell / like a poisoned / rat or a dry / leaf / he looks only / inward.

a lie

a lie is like / my lover’s / lips / blood is on / her / finger tips

she sits on dark grass

she sits on dark / grass, / like a migrating / bird with a broken wing, / calling his name.


it is a windswept / house; yet / still.

cold mother

she sits alone in the turgid / darkness, her swollen breasts / full as a gourd, empty as / sin;


In the clinging mist / she knows no words but death


the mirrors are empty and / the clocks tick through / floors of ice,

date rape

crouching in a corner, / like a pale / patient spider, / he waits / for her


I have you stuffed on a / wall of my house; in a cabinet / made of dark glass and human / flesh.

no time

it sat there alone in its perspiring / womb.

Voodoo Doll



I dreamed of you / the other night, / and the way / you left a trail / of dead children


Her face barely above the water / The dead girl floated like a poisoned fish.


It was my fault you lost your job; / I must have been some pointy-hatted / Sorcerer who had bewitched you,

why is the sky so silent

one of the higher / branches lifts its bony / fingers in benediction or a / curse,


you surrendered to / me early on, your body / pale and / shaking.


another Christmas has / gone; / it / slipped out of the / door when we weren’t / looking.


somewhere / a drowned / man / walks along / the / shore, bemoaning the dry / land on which he / walks.

magic feet


dark mirrors

I have walked by grey / rivers / and heard the / weeping of women.

apostles of the streets

the streets, / empty / as a killer’s / dream, gape like / the dispossessed.


you come to me at / dusk / with the faces of old / lovers / tattooed on your / breasts



the visitor

this morning I / woke up with / you.

The Wall

When they tried to knock down the old house, first / They left a shell;

I have seen

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