A dream of night

In the darkness it turned its head towards me; sending my mind into a frenzy of panic. I could see its red eyes glowing eerily from a light source seeming within itself. A chill ran down my spine, causing the hairs along my arm, and back of my neck, to prickle and stand on end.
I squinted my eyes, trying to make out its features, but it was too dark, I could not even see the shape of its face. The eyes moved forward, and I took a few steps backward.
A lump caught in my throat as I thought of screaming, but I could not even make sense of the thoughts running through my head. My mind swam in confusion as I tried to think, and my head felt so heavy I wanted to lay down. I rubbed my eyes sleepily as I watched the figure, afraid to remove my eyes from the intense, unblinking red.
A shudder ran through my body as the figure approached a little closer. I edged back farther. I couldn’t even remember what this place was, what I was doing here, or how I had gotten here. Where was this place?
I risked a glance quickly around me to get an eyeful of my surroundings. Black stretched as far around me as I could see. Directly around me I could distinguish bare, sharp, black branches spiraling up into, what I took as the sky, and against the black of everything else. There was no moon, no light, no distinct representation of reality; with the exception of those intense ruby eyes. I felt a sudden crazy, desperate urge, to dash up to the figure and touch it; I needed to feel something tangible.
My gaze returned to the eyes; they seemed a bit closer than I remembered them having been before my eyes wandered. A distant thought in my mind told me to turn and run, but the need to lay down was so strong my feet were not under my control. Without realizing it I knelt down on the ground, clutching my head in agony. My head felt like it weighed more than the mass of my body, as it spun with a million different thoughts and questions.
Rolling onto my back, I put my knees up in the air and covered my face with my hands. I groaned loudly as my body felt heavy and a sinking feeling churned my stomach. A sudden pressure of dread rolled through me and I remembered those wicked eyes watching me only moments before. What was I thinking laying down here on the ground with that thing around?
Timidly, I removed my hands from my face. The red eyes were hovering directly above me, causing my mind to race instantly into fear. As terror took its hold on me, I staggered onto my hands and knees and began crawling away as fast as I could. I tried to stand up and run, but unseen objects in the darkness set off my footing; causing me to end up on my hands and knees anyway.
Behind me I could hear rustling; an unnatural breeze following behind in my footsteps. I knew the creature was following me.
My throat and chest burned as I gasped for air, and my hands and knees stung from the raw scratches my way of travel was causing me.
A sudden jolt of pain swelled through my body as a crushing blow toppled me over, onto my back. I clutched my ribs desperately as I wheezed for the breath that was just knocked out of me.
I began to tremble as my body scorched in pain. My vision blurred as tears welled up in my eyes and rolled down the sides of my face.
Something crashed down on top of me so hard, I turned my head over to the side to vomit from the force. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the source of my distress; the red-eyed creature sat on top of me, watching me with intense interest. It was close enough to my face that I could distinguish the figure; I could see that those red eyes were part of a human face, a human face with fangs glowing as white as pearls. The mouth was twisted into a distorted snarl, and I could smell decay as it breathed on my face. It was difficult to try and breathe and try not to breathe at the same time; the rancid smell almost caused me to vomit again. I tried to scream, but my coarse breathing wouldn’t let the cry leave my throat.
I flailed my legs and thrashed my head, but the creature was too strong. It placed a cold hand on my forehead and shoved my head onto the ground, causing me to be too dizzy to continue my aimless protests.
My vision rolled and duplicated in such an extreme manner, it felt like I was experiencing a severe episode of vertigo, in which it burst into my body in an attempt to rip out my organs.
I felt warm breath on my neck, and a sheet of shivers fluttered through my body. My heart raced so heavily, I thought the thumps would leave dents in the sides of my skull where my head seemed to pound with a pulse of its own.
My physical damage caused me to be far too exhausted to even attempt to repel the creature on top of me. I laid struggling for breath, and trying to focus my strength to fight back.
A sudden blow of anguish seared my neck, casting my whole body into an eruption of stinging torment. I parted my lips to scream, as the creature buried its fangs into my neck, but only a desperate gasp for air left my throat. A peculiar chilling numbness began to spread throughout my body like a virus.
A hot liquid leaked down my neck in steaming tendrils, puddling up around my head and soaking my hair. My blood was draining. The creature atop me was drinking from my neck like a human who has gone too long without water.
My body was weak and lay completely useless, my breath was coming in shallow and slow pants, and I knew that I was going to die. Blackness became my vision, and the vampire held me tight and erect, as it sucked out every red ruby of my life from my jugular veins.

A dream of night


Stillwater, United States

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Artist's Description

Vampire short story. I was just testing my ability to describe things in great detail. my goal in this was to be as descriptive as possible, please tell me what you think :)

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