how i feel about my sketches.

i found out when i was six years old, that i was a natural artist. i used to draw my moms fake apples off her kitchen table.( hey look it was fun at the time. ) one day my mom took me to a library for my first time, i went to the kids section. im looking at the books, and noticed the fantasy section. when i first placed my eyes on some of the pictures, i instantly fell in love with the thought of being able to draw the characters in the book. so i got one of the books to take home to look at. got home, grabbed my note pad, and practiced drawling just the body structure of the character. that way, i can memorize and learn to make up my own characters. over the years, learning differant drawling techniques, ive gotten very good at drawling fantasy things. but my aultimate fascination, will always be the dragon itself. im completely in love with anything that has to do with dragons. (dont ask why, cause i dont know. i just do.) anymore i use personal photos of real people, to create my rpg character. its a pretty cool way of doing it i noticed. my family is always telling me to use what i know and make a career out of it. for so many years, i was too scared to show off my work. when i made it to my twenties, it didnt bother me to show off my work. id like to put it on clear paper, but it seems like i never have the things i need to do so. the sketches i have posted, is not my best work. though the only reason i posted them, was the simple fact they came out very good. i love to draw full bodies of people. and like everyone else, i have flaws on what im able to draw. i love to mix other peoples drawling techniques with my technique. how the picture turns out is just amazing everytime. but like i was saying. ive had full body pictures drawn of me and my mom in midevil armor. my mothers picture had her stting in the middle of a snake figured dragon curl up with its head rose up behind her. one of my personal favorites. i want to draw more like that. but it wont fit on my postings in here. ive saved paper for the job. im not sure if this website will help starting off my career, but the thought of it helping me, keeps me here. i dont have a college education in art. and i hope that doesnt matter, as long as i can show proof on what i can do. im tired of working your average paying jobs. and im not physically healthy enough to do factory work for more then eight hours. all i need is someone to give me a chance to show them i can be a great artist. maybe not perfect, but i know how to hide the things i can draw. i need a job drawling fantasy characters from home, until i get my license back. i hope however looks at what ive drawn and posted likes the work, for the time and hard work i put into them. ill post more from other sketches when i find them or draw them. i have more drawling laying around in places. im trying to remember where i put them.

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