The world of ART ..... what a wonderful place!!!

Having been an artist for well….ummm…..six months I must say its transformed my life. It’s a wonderful pastime and has taken me to places in my mind I’ve never explored before.

I’ve never really felt compelled to share my work, nor have I thought I could make money out of it. Since starting my efforts six months ago I’ve covered every inch of my house with my work………an I mean every inch. A few weeks ago I actually hung a canvas in the laundry!

I uploaded my first piece to Red Bubble yesterday and I was amazed to find an email waiting for me this morning to say someone actually bought it. WOW what a feeling! Here’s the piece I sold –

Anyhow i can’t wait to continue to share more of my work and see some of the fantastic things from other artists here. I think we can build a very powerful artistic community where everyone benefits.

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