Nightmares (Redone)

“What’s happening? Where are we, Daddy?” a young boy whimpered.
“Let him go, Bruce! He’s just a boy…” The man yelled at his captor.
“Daddy?” the boy repeated, “I-I’m scared, Daddy” but the boy’s father was slowly falling into his own world, his mind working overtime, why hadn’t he been more careful?

These last few weeks he had worked his arse off for money he’d never see, never hold.
Money that was buying his ticket away from the situation he was stuck in now. To save his son from the world of seedy deals and dangerously deranged, greedy people. My son… who still has nightmares from the movie Casper was stuck in this nightmare, a nightmare much harder to wake from. Why hadn’t he try harder to keep him safe?

No more than two months ago George had struggled to make ends meet; he couldn’t provide the money to keep them going by himself.
George’s wife, Mary, had been diagnosed late with breast cancer, giving her just a few months to say goodbye – those months finished half a year ago.
He was then faced with losing their house, their possessions and possibly his son.
George was at the brink of losing everything that made them a ‘normal family’ since losing his wife, and son’s mother. It was here he was introduced to the neighbour’s new friend.
It hadn’t taken long for Bruce, the neighbours friend, to catch onto Georges money problem.
The need to have the best for his son overtook George’s independent pride when Bruce offered to help out. I didn’t see, did I see? No, he hadn’t seen through the sickly sweet smiles and comforting facade of a strangers help.

George took the offer and paid off his house, put money away and began making a new, better life for his son, even buying a dog. It was only as the first month drew to an end, he realized why it’s said not to put your trust in strangers.
Bruce had, from the start, been visualising a dodgy deal. He began demanding and threatening for his money back before the alleged time, making George work triple time just to keep up. This still wasn’t enough.
“I’m adding interest.” Bruce had stated as George was getting closer to paying off their deal.
George refused, he’d had enough and wanted nothing more than to pay off the last few hundred and get on with his life.

That night, his mind was forcedly changed. The new addition to their family, still a puppy, was found mutilated on his bed, with a short note – Interest. The little one is next.
His blood boiled, slowed and quickened in a matter of seconds as fear, anger, grief and hopelessness washed through him.
He agreed to pay interest. This still wasn’t enough for Bruce. He asked for more, quicker.
Bruce knew George couldn’t do it. George was sure of that. Was this part of the plan from the start?
George found himself tied to two Gum trees with chains, and his son huddled next to him, unchained in the middle of a huge block of land. This is where he was now.

He was pulled back to reality, to their situation, with laughter filling his ears as Bruce walked towards the boy.
“But this, George… this is so much more effective, don’t you think?” referring to Georges outburst before he succumbed to his thoughts. Bruce smirked at George as he grabbed his only son. Images of the disfigured bloody mess that was their dog filled his mind.
“No, p-please… Spare him! Spare him! Please!” the man screamed, desperately clawing at the chains keeping him from his son
A screeching, cruel laughter was heard over the screaming of both father and son as Bruce shoved his thumbs into the boys eyes.
“Scream for daddy, Nicky, scream!” Bruce laughed as he applied pressure into Nick’s eye sockets.
George cried as he reefed at the chains, burying his nails into the trees in an attempt to dislodge the chains, but only managing to tear his nails.
An inhuman scream roared through the air as Bruce penetrated Nick’s eyes.
George collapsed against the trees as his vision was filled with his sons bloody face.
“Nick…” He whispered, distraught.
Bruce released him and watched as he slumped to the floor.
“Daddy…?” Nick raised his head, his bloody, broken eyes trying to survey the area.
“Daddy, where are you? Please, help me… Daddy?” he whispered brokenly.

“Where’s my money, George?” Bruce asked, moving closer to Nick.
“I… I haven’t got it yet. I need time!” George cried, once again yanking at the chains.
“Very well…” Bruce grabbed Nicks arm and dragged him over to kangaroo laying down just out of Georges reach.
“Are you still sure?” he asked almost teasingly, pulling a knife from his belt.
George hysterically pulled and scratched at his chains, sobbing as his nails and fingers were shredded almost to the bone.

“Oh, well looky here…” Bruce’s surprised chuckle brought George’s attention to him.
The knife was bloody. George’s paniced gaze flew to his son, in search of puncture wounds, but found nothing. Bruce leant down to wipe the bloody knife on the kangaroo lying next to him.
George watched, new hope appearing as he finally acknowledged the powerful animal laying there.
The hope dwindled as Bruce seemed to sense no danger. It was then George realised – The Kangaroo was dead.

His attention was captured by the flash of silver as the sun hit the sharp metal.
“No, no, no no!” George roared as Bruce held the knife to Nicks neck.
“Yes, yes, yes…” Smirked their captor.
George feverishly yanked at his chains, growing desperate, George cried as he punched the trees, breaking his hand. Screaming in pain, George broke his hand again and again, until he could pull it through his chain shackles.
Reality struck. He sobbed quietly, now he was stuck. His legs were still chained and his hand was irreparably broken.
George was left as the audience of their sadistic, greedy captor.
Bruce drew the knife away from Nicks neck and sliced letters into the dazed boys body.
George watched helplessly, almost mezmerised by the knifes descent as it slowly formed the words:
Those words sat painfully in Georges heart as he noticed his sons sightless eye sockets staring his way. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. His eyes grew hot and painful, tears spilling roughly.
He knew those words were true.

Nightmares (Redone)

Gem Eve

Brisbane, Australia

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