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MASSIVE Gallery feature in MY HOME TOWN

Well red bubblers…. the time has finally come. A year or 2 ago I was at my local library for an event and noticed that they had local artist’s work on the walls… so I of course, muserting up some courage went around asking about it till I got the answers. I dropped off my card and what do you know? some 2 years later I get a phone call… send her to this site and BAM next thing I know I am getting a full featured gallery!

Now… I had no idea what to expect until I saw the space, I get SIXTY feet of space. I have a lot of pictures to take… BETTER pictures to take before I even consider filling up that wall!

I am still in shock and I will be having my offical meeting with her this week. So thank you to all of my fans here, I wouldn’t have ever had the bravery to go through with this if it wasn’t for all of you. My fans are the reason I continue to press forward. I’ve already made plans for this December/January with some old friends from KY and an old boyfriend from GA and I’m working on talking to new people about IN,OH, PA and… well I have friends in WV but I’d love to meet more! If any of you are in these states, feel free to contact me!

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