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"Happy does not make for good artistic work..."

Being happy apparently makes my work very lackluster….

However I am both light and darkness embodied…

On one hand, I am a wedding photographer, capturing the happiest day of people’s life. But also, the most gut wrentching and stressful. I was once told by my significant other,“You aren’t allowed to ever plan your wedding, you would lose your mind if anything went wrong” There is copious amounts of stress leading up to the ceremony and as soon as the ceremony is over, people party. It doesn’t matter how fucked up and fanagled the entire fiasco was, as long as they are married and get wasted, they are happy.

And on the other hand… I spend the rest of my time alone (occasionally with company) in abandoned buildings photographing decay and broken things. This is where I feel at peace most of the time unless I am worried about getting arrested but these days that isn’t much of an issue. There are still dangers, bugs, possibility of tripping and injuring yourself (or in my case, falling out of windows) and yet… that is where my best work comes from.

And why is that? Because somehow… in some sick way… I relate to an abandoned building more than I do to people. I still do good wedding work, but I am constantly stressed from it. Worrying about if I got the shot, worrying about my batteries, lenses, my car, my body. But I almost always give them way more than what they actually pay for because I am DAMN good at what i do. I mingle, people love talking to me and 9 times out of 10 I am treated with a lot of respect. I have gotten upwards of a $100 tip.

Yet somehow, I never really feel connected. I feel safer in an abandonment, I love the silence. I love being alone. I love the fact that I enjoy something most people look at as dirty and disgusting.

The best photos I have taken were when I was in agonizing pain either physically or mentally.

I guess this is my outlet for all my pain. This is my way of taking something bad and making it into something good.

Being Happy may not make for good artwork but good artwork does make me happy….

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