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MASSIVE Gallery feature in MY HOME TOWN

Well red bubblers…. the time has finally come. A year or 2 ago I was at my local library for an event and noticed that they had local artist’s work on the walls… so I of course, muserting up some courage went around asking about it till I got the answers. I dropped off my card and what do you know? some 2 years later I get a phone call… send her to this site and BAM next thing I know I am getting a full featured gallery!…

Now… I had no idea what to expect until I saw the space, I get SIXTY feet of space. I have a lot of pictures to take… BETTER pictures to take before I even consider filling up that wall!

I am still in shock and I will be having my offical meeting with her this week. So thank you to all of my fans here, I wouldn’t have ever had the bravery to go through with this if it was

"Happy does not make for good artistic work..."

Being happy apparently makes my work very lackluster….…

However I am both light and darkness embodied…

On one hand, I am a wedding photographer, capturing the happiest day of people’s life. But also, the most gut wrentching and stressful. I was once told by my significant other,“You aren’t allowed to ever plan your wedding, you would lose your mind if anything went wrong” There is copious amounts of stress leading up to the ceremony and as soon as the ceremony is over, people party. It doesn’t matter how fucked up and fanagled the entire fiasco was, as long as they are married and get wasted, they are happy.

And on the other hand… I spend the rest of my time alone (occasionally with company) in abandoned buildings photographing decay and broken things. This is where I feel at peace most of

A new era... Self portraits in abandonments

A very good friend of mine has inspired me to finally do this. The first time I met her she showed me her nude self portraits as well as a few she had done of other people. I have always wanted to do male nudes in an abandonment but its VERY hard to get a male to pose nude for me (but for some reason I can get a girl naked any day of the week… go figure) And since I could not get any of my boy(friend)s to do it… I finally gave up and said… If ya want something done… better just do it yourself.…

I used to just take random of photos of me in abandonments when I had the time or when I had an idea that I needed to get out of my head. The first time I did it,for serious, it was in a hospital gown with the help of a friend when I was staying in Kentucky in the middle of a freezing cold January.

Support Artists -- Buy greeting cards HERE not from big corporations!!!

I worked for a company owned by hallmark for many years and they offered little to no benefits to their employees, as an assistant manager I was never so much as offered ANY health benefits…. pretty sad if you ask me considering that its a multimillion dollar industry.

I always do my best to buy local (fruits, vegetables, clothes, anything you can think of) from flea markets and farmers markets. The only thing that sustains people is brotherhood and friendship and thats why individuals need to ban together — NOT corporations….

So support artists, buy a t-shirt, greeting card, wall portrait for a friend or family member instead of a bad gift made by manufacturing company that doesn’t care about its employees!

So... I have a broken foot...

Which inspired the creation of this account. I am my own worst critic and enemy when it comes to my work. Im miles where I want to be but at the same time its amazing to see where I was just a year ago….

So… if you do by chance like my work plenty more WILL be uploaded pretty much every single day!

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