Just a word

English is great but it needs some new words added. feel free to add your own thoughts. these are mine.

Neutralisation —-Male waiting outside a dress shop trying to look patient

Mealomiss—-The meal you have on a blind date that you never enjoy.

Fudgilation—-people giving praise to something you know you fluked.

Gaft——useless gift you know you cant give away.

jamigift—randomly buying a gift, finding out that they really wanted it.

Hubertug—enquiring about something you will never buy.

Canoodlation—-cuddle given hoping it will lead to sex.

Wingalise—- small time period between when fluking it becomes skill.

Stift—-The christmas present that is the model down from the one you really wanted.

opearomagic—-consumable item you bought for yourself but family members think you bought for them to use :ie engine oil,car polish, aa batteries.

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