How to make a pin hole camera ( digital )

Get a run of the mill DSLR…
1. fit your standard lens.
2. turn it to manual focus,turn ring so everything is out of focus and there you have it, instant pinhole looking pics.. nobody will ever know otherwise. Maybe burn the edges a little to give it that old worldly look. Try to shoot something mundane. street shots are good,or a dog scratching it`s bum.


find an old plastic body cap for your camera body.
1. drill a 5mm hole right in the center of it. ( not on camera please )
2. cut a square piece of aluminiun the size of a postage stamp out
out of the side of a coke can.
3. using a number 10 sewing needle or a pin,needle is better
push a hole in the center of the coke can piece (be careful)
4. tape the coke can piece over the 5mm hole over the cap.
. use black tape or black marker to stop any stray light coming
through the edges.

Your needle/pinhole will be about half a millimeter,giving you a f stop of about 100. you will have to do about a two second/or more exposure in bright sunlight.

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