Featured Works Revision - my 4 months on RB:)

It is 4 months now since I have joined RedBubble. Two more featured works today, a total is 63. A good time to reflect upon and to revise what have been done so far. I am very glad, not only with my work, but mostly with so many new friends I have made here. I have learnt so much from all of you, wonderful, very gifted people. Some, like John44, helped me to make a hudge leap forward. Special thanks to John here:) Two wonderful ladies, Suzanne Chouinard and Chris Armytage, have joined my nature lovers gallery. Special thanks to you Suzanne and to you Chris:)
I am deeply grateful to all hosts who do such great job for us all.
You all are beautiful souls:)

My featured works April-August 2010

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