A theft!

Somebody took my “Coffee!” design and is selling it as his own on his Spreadshirt account. I contacted Spreadshirt and emailed the “artist” directly to try to put a stop to this. And perhaps I am posting this a little too hastily since I still haven’t heard back from Spreadshirt. I’m sure they will take it down.

But I emailed the “artist” and politely told him “hey man, that’s my design,” and politely asked him if he would take it down. I was at a loss when I received his reply:

“Aren’t you getting paid if I use the design and somebody buys a shirt? So why is it a big deal?” Whoa, my mind is blown!

He didn’t even have the intelligence to know he was stealing someone’s intellectual property. And here I thought he would be quick to reply with, “oh, my bad man, I’ll take it down.”

I now have to somehow explain to him that, no, I do not get any money if you right click my design, paste it onto another shirt, and claim it as your own. How would I get money from that?

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