2 Prints 1 Month!

Maybe some more experienced designers have had this happen to them before, but I am really excited about this! http://www.riptapparel.com/ is going to be printing one of my designs for the second time this month. Every sub that gets accepted is more encouraging to endeavor to create more designs. And I am dedicating myself more to the promotion of those designs, marketing myself through social media shamelessly. I really want to build a solid following of people who buy because they think my ideas are unique and original as well as well designed. I also need to make an effort to try and make sure everyone who supports my work really knows how much I appreciate that. I have been an artist my whole life, and for a while there I thought I would never find a way to achieve any kind of “commercial” success from it. This particular design is without a doubt my most successful so far. It had a day on Teefury and did pretty well. It also sold from Pacsun’s online store for a short while, and gets a lot of trickle sales here on Redbubble. I don’t know how much farther I can stretch “Coffee!,” but I am very proud of it.

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