First Lady Of Burlesque, The Memoirs of April March

After nearly two years of interviewing, reaserching, writing and editing, my book is finally published.

Starting out as a cigarette girl in an Oklahoma nightclub at the age of seventeen, April March rose to the heights of burlesque. For over thirty years, “The First Lady of Burlesque," headlined clubs and theaters around the world.
In her public life, April March was considered one of the most beautiful and alluring woman in the business, romanced by celebrities, mobsters and millionaires. Off stage her life was filled with rejection, self doubt and a violent relationship.
In “First Lady of Burlesque, The Memoirs of April March,” Miss March speaks candidly about her eight marriages, her engagement to singer, Mel Torme, her encounter with a Saudi King that resulted in the delivery of secret message from the United States Government, an on-going affair with a married man, her involvement in a fatal shooting in a Miami nightclub and her ten year nightmare marriage to a violent sociopath.
Through all the ups and downs of her life and career, April March not only survived, but emerged with triumph and a greater understanding of herself.
April March looks back on her life with poignancy and humor and gives the reader a glimpse of life behind the scenes and on the road during the final decades of burlesque’s Golden Age through stories, recollections and dozens of behind the scenes photographs.

First Lady of Burlesque

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